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Fred Silver and Company has been known for reliability and excellence throughout the many years. We did not develop this fine reputation overnight. We were founded in Newark, New Jersey, in 1937, as a store front business for re-silvering mirrors and repairing silver products.


By 1945, the brothers started producing convex mirrors made of glass and in years to come introduced acrylic lenses.

Through Fred's creativity and inventiveness the company grew offering various types of mirror, glass and acrylic products for use in home decor, for beauty, and for safety.  The company is best known worldwide for its convex and dome shaped mirrors used mainly for theft detection, traffic safety, and retail security.


In Between

Fred Silver ran the company until his passing in 1989 whereupon he passed it on to his daughter, Andrea Silver Schlossberg.  Both she and her husband, Martin Schlossberg, have continued to grow the company and remain active to this day.


In 1992, Fred Silver and Co. acquired Ketcham Company, makers of medicine cabinets and bathroom accessories. In these 22 years, Ketcham has become the leading producer of superior quality and affordable medicine cabinets. 


Respected nationwide, Fred Silver/Ketcham has sales offices in Ronkonkoma, New York with warehousing in Ohio and California.

They have become the go-to choice for architects, remodelers, and property managers due to our glowing reputation nationwide.  We pride ourselves in providing a wide selection of the highest quality products, made to last, and at a cost to fit any budget, big or small.

Present Day

We stand behind all of our products and our commitment to our buyers is “exceptional service.”

We look forward to continuing to serve the contracting, remodeling and supply distribution industries with quality convex mirrors, domes and medicine cabinets.

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